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About Us 

Nutrition Group+ is a community-based project that aims to raise awareness and the standard of health and wellbeing across the UK and ultimately the world by delivering the most complete range of health and fitness products and related services to the public via a network of like-minded organisations and specialists. 
Uniting the health and fitness sector throughout the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire and beyond, we partner with various companies and individuals in a network of complementary products and services, to enable you to put together a tailor-made personal lifestyle management program that will deliver all your health and fitness goals. All the products and services we provide within the network come with a price and satisfaction guarantee to bring you the best possible value and quality. 
Good To Know 
Quality in product is key here at Nutrition Group+, and all of our products are manufactured here in the UK, under quality-assured GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001 standards – assuring a high level of purity, so you know exactly what you are putting into your body and why. 
Our product range has also been certified by the Soil Association, the ‘Gold Standard’ when it comes to organic certification and regulations in the UK, EU and internationally, so you can also be confident that our product quality is guaranteed. 
Registering with Nutrition Group+ is therefore safe and 100% risk-free. There are no commitments and no minimum orders. We are a full-service company, offering both products and additional services through our network of highly experienced and qualified specialists. 
We are dedicated to the personal health and wellbeing of our clients, and strive to do everything we can to improve their lifestyles as well as positively developing the community. 
The Nutrition Group+ Network was founded in 2016 through the association of The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme who established the network as a feasible platform for innovating the nutrition and fitness industry here in the UK. it. 
Nutrition Group+ is working in close collaboration with Public Health England and the NHS, as well as fitness facilities and charities from all over the world, to help assist all members of the community to make healthier lifestyle choices in everyday life. 
We also provide full qualification training courses within the industry, for anybody wishing to better themselves and pursue a career in health and fitness, in the most inexpensive and effective ways possible. 
We also provide full qualification training courses within the industry, for anybody wishing to better themselves and pursue a career in health and fitness, in the most inexpensive and effective ways possible. 
Organic Standards 
According to the Soil Association, organic standards are the rules and regulations that define how an organic product must be made. Organic standards for food are laid down in European Union (EU) law. Anything labelled ‘organic’ that is for human consumption must meet these standards as a minimum. The standards cover all aspects of food production, from animal welfare and wildlife conservation, to food processing and packaging. 
Organic standards ensure that you can be certain you are buying a genuine organic product that has been produced in line with the principles of the Soil Association – a not-for-profit business. Imported organic foods must have been produced and inspected to equivalent standards. There must also be full traceability of organic ingredients right back to the farmer. 
There are a number of different certification bodies in the UK which carry out the inspections and paperwork to ensure that the standards are being met. The Soil Association is one of only a very few of these bodies that have chosen to set standards that are higher than the EU minimum in several areas such as genetic modification (GM), animal welfare and nature conservation. 
Nutrition Group+ is proud to be certified by the Soil Association. 
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